You Beg and I Beg to Differ

I picked up Matteo and Meghan (our neighbor) from school yesterday. As usual there were a line up of vendors scrambling to sell their wares to all the parents pulling up to the school. A man, whom I have purchased from before, came up to my window and started badgering me about buying. To say no one time generally means nothing. You need to say it continuously until the time you are actually driving away. So, he kept telling me that I should buy and I kept refusing. Finally, in desperation, he said “Senhora! I am hungry! You need to buy!”. Meghan burst out laughing beside me. “He is saying he is hungry and he has a big bag of bananas in his hand!! Why doesn’t he eat those?!”

Ah, the wisdom of a child!

It was good for me to be reminded to see the funny side in each and every frustrating situation I find myself in.

Thanks, Megs!