Top Chef

I had the girls (hey! We are still young at heart!) over for breakfast one Saturday. When they arrived, we started cooking. Since I was getting a few things organised, I asked Vanessa to mix the crepes for me. Things got rolling and it wasn’t too long before we were sitting down to a yummy meal. By this time I was truly ready for my second breakfast (you shouldn’t cook on an empty stomach!). As I brought the first bite up to my face, I caught a whiff of lemon. I thought that was fairly odd as the recipe had no lemon in it but then thought that I must be mistaken. I bit down and my mouth filled with a strong, lemony flavour that tasted like…

Me: Vanessa! What did you put in these pancakes!

Van: I put sugar, milk, flour, oil..

Me: What kind of oil!

Van: The oil from the cupboard.


She goes and pulls out the oil and my suspicions are confirmed.


Everyone quickly starts spitting out bits of crepe, while staring at the crazy woman shouting at them.

It really did look like regular oil…if you didn’t look at all at the label…with the mosquito exed out on it…and ignored the overpowering citronella scent.

In Vanessa’s defence, my maid had made the same mistake and put the “goodby mozzie citronella torch oil” in the food cupboard.

The rest of us had a great laugh while Vanessa was mortified and sure she had poisoned us all.

She has by now resigned herself to the inevitable teasing and oil jokes that will follow her for the next year or so.

Here is Bekki showing off the offending oil.




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