Know Your Place

I was turning right at an intersection.

There was a car in the outside lane so I decided that I was okay to turn into the inside lane. As soon as I did, the other driver laid on the horn for at least 10 seconds. I can see that he thought I had done something wrong. When I didn’t show any remorse for my actions, he proceeded to follow me until I stopped at the next intersection.

As my window isn’t working, I stepped out, knowing that I was in for a severe tongue lashing. He starts telling how I was going to cause an accident and how I have to drive better. I explain that there are two lanes. He had the outside and I had the inside.

As we are arguing about who is in the wrong, I notice that the driver and all the passengers are wearing uniforms. Hmmm…I have managed to offend a Very (Self)Important Person here!

When I refused to admit any sort of guilt, he finally sped off with a “VOCE!!”(YOU!!).

I later saw him chatting with some men outside the Governor’s Mansion.

Upon further reflection, I realised he was absolutely right about me being in the wrong.

NOTE TO SELF: People who drive whilst under the influence of EGO require the whole road (in this case, 2 lanes) at all times.


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