Losing It!!

My sister once joked that she needed to lose the weight of a small child.

Sadly, I had to lose more than the weight of my 7-year-old (who is in fact the height and weight of a nine-year old child)!
I do love living in a place where people have only known you at your fattest.
When you lose weight, everyone is complimentary and will tell you how good you are looking.
And then you go back to the place where they have known you the longest and the comments are more along the lines of:
“Well, it’s about time!”
Here is my “You know you are fat when…” moment:
I was at a school event when one of the parents commented on my weight loss.
“Wow, you are looking so slim! I am not used to you this way! I always thought of you as voluptuous!”
Now, if you are Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johanson, being called voluptuous is a compliment and something to aspire to.

But if you are like me and have the natural shape of a pencil, then being called voluptuous is akin to being told that your blind date is an interesting person with a great personality!!



Tsetses and Tics and Mopani Flies, Oh My!

We went out to the bush this weekend to show our family the backside of Mozambique to a beautiful place called Taratibu.

Okay…it wasn’t really that far out and it was a slice of civilized camping. Both sets of parents and the Charles’ were able to stay in small huts with en-suites. The Du Preez’ and ourselves stayed in tents.

Sunday morning we got to watch a family of baboons on their morning jaunt.

We had our biggest Mozambican meeting ever.

We then took a drive to all our favorite spots. During the drive we introduced our guests to tsetse flies. Furious shrieking, slapping, and arm flapping ensued. I managed to squash one with my OFF! insect repellent bottle (that stuff really works!) and made a very pretty (blech!) blood splatter pattern on the window.

We then stopped for lunch at the top of a hill to take in the view and relax and enjoy. Unfortunately, the Mopani flies decided to join us. We didn’t take in much of the view because they buzz incessantly around your eyes, nose, and mouth trying to get the moisture there. They then make a honey out of it. Not something I really want to try. “Come get your fresh eye and nose jam!”

The driving was quite jarring at times and throughout the trip Franklyn was channelling Elvis as he was feeling “All Shook Up”.

It was a short trip but we had a good time.

It wasn’t until later that we realised we had also brought home souveneirs. I got a text the next day saying that the Du Preez had found tics! We all did thourough body searches and 5 of us had them. We all felt crawly for the next few days and a couple of us found others that we had missed the first time.

Here at “Kells Adventure Tours” we want to leave you with an experience you will never forget.

It will either be awesome or awful…but you won’t forget it!