Bee-utiful scenery

We sometimes go to a beautiful spot outside of Pemba called Nichol’s Point. This is a point where a river meets with the ocean. We camp out between the 2 and braai (bbq for you non-Afrikaans speakers) while either cooling off on the river side or enjoying the waves on the ocean side.  The place were we park and eat is a sandbar with no vegetation at all.

The last time we went, we were having a great, relaxing time when suddenly a big swarm of bees came out of nowhere to join our picnic. We all panicked and ran and watched in fear as they buzzed around our condiments. Eventually they decided to settle down under the tailgate of one of the trucks. We realised they were not going anywhere so we tentatively came back to our things and the rest of the afternoon was spent in an uneasy truce with us pussy-footing around, trying not to anger them.

The bees around here are a lot scarier than the ones back home. If one stings you, it lets of a pheromone that attracts all the others and they will also come and attack as well. This can be deadly so you can understand our reluctance to get too close.

In order to leave, we had to find someone who would brave the danger in order to shut the tailgate. And then run like…well…killer bees were chasing them! I am happy to say we all survived without a sting.